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About Product

Coalmandi.com is a marketplace (mandi in hindi) handles a large number of participant companies as a community. The main objective of a mandi is to organize a business platform filled with features that allows members to conduct various business processes over the Internet and increase company productivity. Two primary indicators of company productivity are Increased Revenue and Cost Saving.

Reasons for companies should start using Coalmandi.com without hesitation:

  • Coalmandi.com is a large community of buyers and sellers
  • Real time Coalmandi.com allows buyers to take quick decision
  • Sophisticated eCatalog helps display comprehensive product features
  • Sales solution expedites selling process and reduces overhead costs
  • We-Procurement solution makes buying easier
  • My shop brings new opportunities to companys retail business

Our Products

Coalmandi.com is an Online product content management solution with powerful user interface which provides efficient navigation, searching and integration capabilities to organize and publish KhadiGadi, Parchi Sell , Plot Sell and Port Mandiinformation and enable real-time handling of business processes related to buying and selling of the above options. Buyers can study, compare and research a product offered on Coalmandi.com without leaving the mandi. As a result, companies can expect increased revenue, better customer satisfaction, and shorter sales cycle. Transaction costs get reduced thanks to streamlined transaction process. It saves time and stops rogue spending by employees.This ability of Coalmandi.com to give key information necessary to make a purchasing decision helps buyers to take a faster buying decision.

Benefits that a company can receive from participating in a Coalmandi.com

Lower transaction costs streamlined transaction processing.

Access to new suppliers mandi participation removes geographical barriers and provides access to new suppliers.

Time savings provides for faster approval, ordering processes and delivery tracking.

For suppliers, it offers:

Access to new buyers and markets Mandi provides a new sales channel which opens up many new opportunities for suppliers.

Increased sales with access to a wider market, suppliers have the potential to increase revenue.

Reduced overhead costs streamlined supply chain overhead costs can be reduced up to 20 percent.

Reduced order processing costs The supply chain solutions of coalmandi.com exchange may allow sellers to reduce order processing cost significantly

Reduced sales and support costs By automating sales and customer support processes companies can reduce overhead costs around 15-20% easily.

Reduced inventory costs Clearer visibility and forecasting ability allow companies considerably reduce inventory keeping costs.

My Shop

By becoming a member of Coalmandi.com companies get instant access to thousands of prospective buyers and supplier. This gives an opportunity to expand business by finding new customers and suppliers from this new community. Workings closely with the members of the new community companies get every chance to increase their businesses dramatically.Products offered on Coalmandi.com are integrated with the eCatalog and seller's "MY SHOP". This helps to increase buyer conversion rate significantly."My shop" content in a single database and organizes product information under a predefined categorized hierarchy. Here you have a chance to reply enquiry, manage edit and delete database

Coal Jobs

COAL JOBS is an online recruitment portal, born with a mission to reach out to all coal employees in the country and abroad and provide them with the best career opportunities available. Its focus was to ensure their skills were showcased and matched suitably with the HR requirements of employers from coal industries, in a timesaving and cost-efficient manner. We provide recruitment classifieds and related services to Corporate Customers, (employers only) on our website www.coalbazaar.com and www.coalmandi.com. We post recruitment classifieds for job seekers on our website which targets the small, middle and large coal companies for all type of vacancies in there companies or offices. Our clients can send their requirements through mail with full details and we host it on our website. We help coal sector employees to help and explore the possibilities to find the opportunities that are right for them.

Coal News

Coal News is an attempt to create a distinctive place to help coal operators, managers, mining personnel, equipment manufacturers, mining consultants, government employees in coal related positions, students and faculties of mining colleges, mining association and institutes, and to others providing products and services to the coal mining industry to do better by utilizing information.Coal news is today´s the most watched and the most respected news website in India related to coal. We aggregates content from various news wire services, press releases from companies, partner news service portals and own correspondents, modifies to make them easier to read and then publishes articles on the website every day without any break.

News & Events

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