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Coalbazaar.com is a unique website made with the idea of sharing an information gateway between coal producer/miners/traders to the consumers/end users. We understand that in this sector confusion is over clarity. In order to create some awareness and knowledge to solve there queries at the most by delivering information. At coalbazaar.com we provide every customer the opportunity to see all the facts and information on the fuels they are buying before they make their purchase. We are trying to help end users to calculate and evaluate all the options available in the market just by hassle free and simple options. At coalbazaar.com every customer and visitors feels that they are binding with a company with high standards, friendly staff and unsurpassed services.

     At coalbazaar.com we love to transform the traditional market of selling coal to modern online market. Coalbazaar.com helps all his customers to offer their product to the entire world. We provide all information like quality, price, quantity and location to the buyers of coal. With this feature our customer have a chance to cover more market and providing to search a buyer needing their coal. We help to bring new customer and suppliers to come to the common table that hasn’t ever contacted you. Negotiate and handle directly with those needing your coal.

     Our visitors list has no limits or boundaries or time limitations. Information available 24X7 on the web makes your business run when you are sleeping or away with family on tour. It helps to connect the interested parties. Through coalbazaar.com we provide to bring coal people together.

     At coalbazaar.com we help new entrepreneur to start a coal trading business as we believe that this path leads towards a secure financial future. All they need is some basic knowledge and information necessary about coal and its business process. At coalbazaar.com there is much information which we consider as key to your ultimate success. They have to select one out of four parallel line of business to start :
  • Coal trading/sales/agent
  • Liasoning and lifting
  • Transportation
  • Ash removal

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